Monthly Archives: April 2016

Braving It Book Review

My Review: I was so happy when I got this book in the mail! I almost hugged the UPS man! When I read the synopsis of the book I instantly fell in love! I needed this book! Now that I have it and I read it, it is just the bees knees! (That’s how good […]

What To Watch On Netflix…

I find myself always watching Netflix. Whether it ends up being a quick movie watch or if it becomes me binge watching for hours days at a time. I am always looking for new things to watch and fall in love with. Today is Friday and if you have the privilege of not working on the […]

Discovering New Shows

I have been a professional binge watcher on Netflix since I can remember. I have watched multiple movies and television shows. The show I just started watching today and am already obsessed with is Grey’s Anatomy. The concept of the show is just incredible. Interns straight out of college, in a hospital, surgeries, death, sex, […]

Forgiving My Daughters Killer Review

A lot has been said and written about the power, significance, and virtue of forgiveness but how many of us could really embrace it in our everyday life? This book, written by Kate Grosemaire, explores the real potential of a human heart. Kate and Andy are an ordinary married couple. They have three beautiful daughters: […]

Kid Rock Devastated Over Death of Assistant in Nashville

Singer Kid Rock discovered the body of his assistant on the rock star’s Nashville area property Monday following an apparent ATV accident, police said. Michael Sacha, 30, is believed to have died after ferrying guests to a cookout on Rock’s sprawling Whites Creek estate to an Uber at the property’s driveway around midnight Monday, Metro police said in a […]

My Moody Playlist

This took me some time but I finally limited it down to 50 of my all time favorite songs! I made a Spotify for you guys so you will know all the songs I talk about in all of my blog posts. I don’t know what your guys’ favorite genre of music is but I […]

Free Books Monday!!!

I am doing a new thing called free book Monday. These will not be physical books, but they will be e-books. These will be e-books that have just came out or e-books that have been out for a while. I will be taking any suggestions and upload every Monday in the free e-books section in […]