Discovering New Shows

I have been a professional binge watcher on Netflix since I can remember. I have watched multiple movies and television shows. The show I just started watching today and am already obsessed with is Grey’s Anatomy. The concept of the show is just incredible. Interns straight out of college, in a hospital, surgeries, death, sex, etc. It is all there!

I hope this is a show that I will continuously enjoy and not one that I end up quitting when there is one bad episode. I have a habit of stopping a show when there is a boring episode that is so hard to get through.

In Friday’s blog post I will have binge worthy shows and movies that I recommend and have watched multiple multiple times. I am sure no matter your type, you will surly love at least one or two of the Netflix list.

Also, if you have any suggestions for me I will be glad to take them!! I have a television schedule that I go by so that on different days I can binge different shows. Like I said, I’m a professional binge watcher!

Mondays- Gilmore Girls

Tuesdays- Switched At Birth

Wednesdays- Grey’s Anatomy

Thursdays- American Horror Story

As you can tell, I still have Friday to fill! Saturday and Sunday I do not watch any Netflix because I let my boyfriend play his Play Station on his days off of work. Again, if you have any suggestions that could fill up my Fridays that would be great!




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