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Reading Slumps

Currently, I am going through a reading slump…I try to read but I don’t want to force myself because I don’t want my hobby to become a chore. I have a few books that I want to read that are contemporary. I don’t know why but coming out of a reading slump I always have […]

2017 Reading Challenge

I have decided to only participate in one reading challenge for 2017. I have been wanting to read more cozy mysteries and i am challenge myself in 2017 to do so. The challenge can be found here I am in goal Investigator which is 20 cozy mysteries… I do not have a list of books […]

December TBR 2016

December, the last month of this year. Oh, how this year has flown by! This month is going to be filled with books that I want to read. I am not a fast reader as everyone knows. So when I say filled with books, what I really mean is that I have 5 books that […]

10 Cozy Mysteries TBR

If you have been reading my blogs lately, then you know that I have been in the mood to read cozy mysteries. I have never ever been in a mood for this long. Usually I will be changing which genre I read every time I pick up a book. I have read 3 cozy mysteries […]

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Any Recommendations? 

I really want to read a few cozy mysteries this month. Please say you guys have recommendations? Please leave comments down below🍁🍂🌾

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