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My Boyfriend’s Suggestions of the Month #1

You guys already know what I like. I thought I would tell everyone what my boyfriend likes. We are similar on some aspects but different as well. He loves movies to the point where he knows what everyone is going to say word from word. He doesn’t read a whole lot but he still has […]

What I Have Been Up To?!

To all of my followers, I am sorry for not posting like I used to. It has been a crazy time lately. I thought I would make a post telling you guys what I have been up to. I am hoping to get a schedule that I can stick to so I can be more […]

Reading Slumps

Currently, I am going through a reading slump…I try to read but I don’t want to force myself because I don’t want my hobby to become a chore. I have a few books that I want to read that are contemporary. I don’t know why but coming out of a reading slump I always have […]

2017 Great Things To Happen

GREAT THINGS TO HAPPEN IN 2017 For this new year I have decided to make a few changes to this blog. For starters, I am only going to post once or twice a week so I can start having “me time”. I tried to post as much as I could in 2016 so you guys […]