My Boyfriend’s Suggestions of the Month #1

You guys already know what I like. I thought I would tell everyone what my boyfriend likes. We are similar on some aspects but different as well. He loves movies to the point where he knows what everyone is going to say word from word. He doesn’t read a whole lot but he still has his favorites that he has read before and even has a little collection of books on my bookshelf. He does not have a blog to where he can post recommendations for you people to read so I thought I would let him have his own post on here every once in a while. I am going to call it My Boyfriend’s Suggestions of the Month. So, here goes his this months recommendations for you guys!

Book Recommendation



The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod:

The books are about vampires. Its about a kid who is a vampire that is figuring out his powers. It’s not like other books where it just jumps into them having powers but it progresses. He has to figure out his own way. What he can and can’t do. While figuring out who his friends and enemies are and who is trying to kill him.



Movie Recommendation


From Paris With Love:

John Travolta offers humorous adult comedy. The genre is between action and thriller. The movie came out in 2010. He went to go see it in theaters and loved it. He would recommend this movie to ages teens and up. There are sexual references (hence: adult comedy). The movie is set in Paris but don’t be fooled there is no romance.







TV Show Recommendation


Game Of Thrones:

Anyone who does not live under a rock knows what Game of Thrones is. The one’s dedicated to it have also read the books. This show is not for kids so do not think it is a good choice for family TV night. If you are into knights, bloody battles, and nudity. Then you may be into this show…give it a try…there are dragons as well.



Thank you guys for reading. There will be another post up soon!


What’s your favorite movie?


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