2017 Great Things To Happen


For this new year I have decided to make a few changes to this blog. For starters, I am only going to post once or twice a week so I can start having “me time”. I tried to post as much as I could in 2016 so you guys would have something to read and be entertained. I just want 2017 to be more about getting to know myself better and make myself happier.


I am participating in 2 book challenges for this year. The Goodreads Challenge and the Crusin’ With The Cozies Challenge. Pretty much I plan on reading a total of 25 books this year which isn’t a lot but I plan on getting in touch with myself more and being more active (not sitting in front of the computer or with my face in a book the whole year). I plan on going on adventures and taking you guys along with me for the ride. I just want 2017 to be the best year that I can possibly make it.


Like I said before, I plan on going on adventures this year. The goal is to take as many pictures to remember and live a little. I want to be able to show you guys a little bit of what I do outside of reading and blogging about my reading. I am a very adventurous person but I never get the chance to show you guys. 2017 brings BIG changes.


Okay guys…this is going to be a tough year for me. I have really lost my way this past year with my fitness and I have gained unwanted wait that I really would like to take off. I am not taking off wait to impress anyone, I just want to be healthy and where I am at now is not. This year I need encouragement to help me along the way. What I did was go to work and then come home tired and put junk into my body. I want that to change. I am a huge snack person so if you guys have healthy alternatives to leave in the comments I would appreciate that. My goal for this year is to lose 35 pounds. Wish me luck.


I used to meditate all of the time. I also used to journal all the time. In the past few years I really lost my way on that. I think it is very important to practice mindfulness. If you need any suggestions on this or just not know what it is, you can watch this videos below. I want to start practicing my mindfulness once again because it really lightens up a day and takes off that 50 pounds laying on the shoulder.

thank you everyone for a 2016 to remember

come along for the ride in 2017



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