The Angel of Forest Hill Review

29358387A time of anticipation. A season of miracles.

Because of Joel s impossible situation, twenty-one-year-old Rose must sacrifice everything. As days pass into years in the midst of the beautiful hills, the laughter of children, and God s providence is it too much for Rose to hope for love in return?

An amazing journey toward love and belonging, filled with the wonder of the season of Christ s birth.

When Old Order Amish Rose Kurtz is asked to leave her family, travel deep into West Virginia, and help Joel Dienner with his children in the wake of tragedy, the quiet young woman recognizes a home where she might find kindness instead of criticism and hope replacing harsh words. She agrees to stay in Forest Hill and become Joel s wife for the sake of his family needs, but their marriage is to be a partnership, one built from need, not love and affection.
As the years pass, Rose continues to beckon Joel to join life again, to take joy in his growing children, and to awaken his heart to the possibility of new love. Joel hopes that Rose can move beyond deep-rooted hurts to see the beautiful Christmas ahead, their season. But will the arrival of a beautiful widow and a series of misunderstandings reverse how far Rose and Joel have come?”


Rose Kurtz is the only girl in the family of twelve children, and if any parents should have had counseling Roses should have. So when the Bishop asks the family to have their daughter travel to West Virginia to a very small Amish community of fifteen families, to help a very ill mother whom had just given birth, the family does what the bishop asks.
Poor Rose arrives amidst the grieving of a family, a screaming new born, and two other young ones crying for their mom. What a heart breaker, and Rose is a tender young woman, despite her upbringing.
Joel Dienner is now desperate, what will he do, he is shattered and now responsible for three young children, and how will he support and take care of them? Rose is now the answer, and a quick, in name only, marriage takes place.
This book does become a page-turner, and it is a very fast read, but of course it is written like you are watching it unfold before your eyes. Once you pick this up you will be at the end in no time, and wanting more, it is that good!


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