Any Recommendations? 

I really want to read a few cozy mysteries this month. Please say you guys have recommendations? Please leave comments down below🍁🍂🌾



  1. When I’m in the mood for a cozy mystery, I’m always in the mood for British books, for some reason. I can pretty much always go for an Agatha Christie novel. Another recommendation (and one you are less likely to have thought of yourself) is <Wit's End, by Karen Joy Fowler, a mystery that takes place at the house of a famous mystery writer, and which sparkles with interesting characters and storyline.

    Happy reading!

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    1. coffee.books.rain · · Reply

      Thank you for the suggestions! I can hardly wait to check those out!

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    2. I like Agatha Christie’s writing too! 🙂

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  2. Girl on a train and gone girl


    1. coffee.books.rain · · Reply

      Thank you for the suggestions!!


  3. The Cheese Shop Mysteries are fun – they are by Avery Aames. Also, if you are more into a historical mystery, Anne Perry’s William Monk series or Charlotte & Thomas Pitt series are both wonderful and are set in Victorian England. There are also some cute (really, super cute-sy) mysteries by Susan Wittig Albert that involve Beatrix Potter – the animals even get involved in the mystery! They are very cute, but can be a bit too cutesy in places. Rhys Bowen writes some really great mysteries – there’s one series set in Wales, another series set in early 1900s NYC, and another one set in London in the 1930s. And you really can’t go wrong with Agatha Christie 🙂


  4. “Secret of Chimneys” –Agatha Christie. One of her earliest mystery novels but it is delightful!


    1. Just realized I already told you that! haha my mistake 🙂


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