Having Your Resume

If you are 16 then you need to start having a resume ready. Even if you have not had a job before it is good to get a head start in making sure you have your education, hobbies, language, experience as it is needed.

If you have had a babysitters job then that is experience enough for you to label it in that category. Put everything that you can think of but also put it in a professional way.

Having a resume is very important because if you are wanting a job then people who employ you would want to look at this to make sure you are either experienced enough or if you have the attitude they need and want for the job.

If you are 16 and are in a high school they should make you have a resume made out in either the business class or in the English class. This is because they try to get you ready for life outside of school. They try to prepare you for future jobs. They want you to have a career.

It is also a good thing to have a cover letter. If you would like to see an example of each the resume and the cover letter, click on the links.


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