The Dreaded Monday

The dreaded Monday. No one likes it. It means either getting up for school or getting up for work. The weekend is great and you just wish the weekend was as long as the week days. I have never had a problem with Mondays. They are the same as any other day for me, great! I think everyday you should wake up happy. If you don’t like work or school then that is not Monday’s fault.

Monday got the blame for everything because people don’t like getting out of bed in the morning. I am a morning person so no matter what day it is, I wake up happy. I get plenty of sleep at night, I have meals that fill me up, I have a great partner in life who makes me happy. Everything that is great is there everyday. Monday through Sunday, I have everything I need.

Life could be so much worse. If you have a roof over your head, food on your plates, shoes on your feet, a place to go to school or even a job, be thankful. People are out there in the world who have little to none of that.

Wake up every morning happy because your life is great! Your life is vibrant! Live today all the way to Sunday the best that you can! It might be hard to get out of that “Monday ruins everything” mood but once you do it will be the greatest feeling ever!



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