Buckhead Betties aka: Bargain Chicks

If you live in North Carolina, Bargain Chicks is having a huge sale in Greensboro! Everything is 60%. I went in with high expectations and came out so so happy! Better than I thought!!! I had such an amazing day with the girls!!! The sale started at 9am and is still going on so get your behind down there! I got so much stuff for only $35!! Let me show you what amazing buys I got today!


image1 (4)

Makeup bag $6 

PicMonkey Collage11111

Camouflage Tote $3. It is a pop out tote. The bottom of the bag will be the black part.

image2 (4)

Yellow Honeycomb beach bag. $3 Large enough to fit weekend trip to beach (clothes, towels, shoes, etc.)

PicMonkey Collage22222

Tribal Print Bag. $10. When we saw this bag at the checkout line someone had put it back and I grabbed it! This is so beautiful and it sparkles in the sun. Matches my personality.

image3 (2)

Yellow purse. $5. Yellow is my go to color! It is just a happy bright color! 

image1 (3)

iPad case. $1 this is suck a great buy! You can not get a $1 quality made iPad case for that cheap anywhere! This is in the brand of Buckhead Bubba instead of the Buckhead Betty.

image1 (2)

Black Candle Wrap. $1. This is a wrap around product. I got this to wrap around a candle to give is a warm feeling. such a beautiful design. 

image2 (2)

Zipper Bag Set. $1. This is originally $10.50 but I got it for $1!!! I am going to use the small one as a purse makeup bag and the big one I have no idea yet!

image3 (1)

Burlap Wraps for drinks. $0.25 each. They had every letter in the alphabet monogrammed on the drink wraps. Of course I got B for Brittany.  

image2 (3)

$1.50 In the end they had these white bags that they would but all your stuff in. I am going to use mine as a laundry bag for whites only

If you are wanting to get some awesome bags and you live in North Carolina, Greensboro sale is going on right now everything 60% off!

  • 7600 Business Park Dr., Greensboro, NC 27409
  • Friday and Saturday 9am – 6pm
    Sunday 1pm – 5pm
    Monday – Friday 9am – 6pm
    CLOSING DAY Saturday the 23rd 9am – 4pm

You don’t have to be in NC to get these awesome products! You can simply go to this website right here and buy away! These are such great gifts for everyone!



Greenville, SC


>> 60 E ANTRIM DR 29307 <<

*** New start date *** will open on Friday, May 13TH ***
Opening weekend: Friday 13th and Saturday 14th 10am – 7pm
Sunday 15th 1pm – 5pm
Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th 9am – 6pm

Closing day: Wednesday 18th 10am – 3pm





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