Being Emotional

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I am a very emotional person. You can ask everyone who knows me and they will come out and say, “Yes, Brittany is the most emotional woman I have ever met!” Okay, maybe not the most but it can get pretty bad. It only happens when something upsets me that I don’t really want to talk about. It all gets bundled up inside and I will start to cry.

I don’t have a mean bone in my body. So, that being said, I can’t be mean to the people being mean to me because I just don’t want to lose the people I have in my life. I haven’t really had a great past where people wanted to stay…The people I have in my life at this moment are the people I never want to lose. That is why I never say anything when I think I should stand up for myself. I will hold it all in and just cry when I am alone…mostly in the shower…

On the other hand, once I cry and let it all out, I will be the happiest person in the world. Literally today my boyfriend asked me if I was high! Of course I wasn’t! I was just happy! I am happy most of the time. Nothing really brings me down unless someone says something mean, or I watch a sad movie, like My Girl….I cry like a baby in the Lion King, too.

With all of my emotional coming out, I am proud of the person I am. Yes, I am an emotional person….I AM A WOMAN….I wouldn’t change anything. At least I’m a person who has zero feelings.




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  1. This is the greatest post!! No i’m not high im happy hahaha

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