Thread Lampshade

number1 number2

Materials Needed:

  • liquid glue (w/paint brush)
  • balloon, (find what size depending on what you want to have, and inflated accordingly).
  • dish washing liquid
  • thick string (cotton or wooden loom)


  1. Blow up your balloon to the size that you want your lampshade to be.
  2. Take the dish washing liquid and pour it all over the balloon. Make sure it is completely soaked.
  3. With the string, wrap the balloon in all different directions besides the top of the balloon that will be used to insert the light bulb.
  4. Take the liquid glue and pour it on a paper plate. With the paint brush, paint on a thick layer of glue. This is so the string will stay in one place.
  5. Let the glue completely dry (this may take over night)
  6. When the glue is dry, take a needle and pop the balloon.
  7. Pull out the leftover balloon.

number3 number4.jpg



  1. Nice!! Cute!! love it! Please checkout my blog share your thoughts and follow😄😄


    1. brittanyanninteriordesigner · · Reply

      Thank you! I will definitely check your blog out! 🙂


  2. xoedyta · · Reply

    This looks so simple to make and the lamps are adorable! I need to try this 🙂


    1. brittanyanninteriordesigner · · Reply

      It really is simple! It makes any room POP 🙂


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